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All-in-One Under-Eye Gel

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Introducing our All-in-One Under-Eye Gel, a vegan and effective solution designed to address various under-eye skin concerns. This gentle yet potent gel is formulated to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles, providing outstanding results for all skin types and ages.

Discover the benefits of our extraordinary gel:
  • Reduces under-eye puffiness, dark circles, discoloration, and dark spots, promoting a more even and flawless appearance.
  • Supports the rejuvenation of damaged skin, resulting in a healthier and vibrant under-eye area.
  • Boosts collagen production, enhancing skin elasticity and firmness for a more youthful and revitalized look.
Key Ingredients

1. Aloe Vera Extract: Repairs and revitalizes the delicate under-eye area, promoting a rejuvenated complexion.

2. Retinol: Evens out discoloration, brightens skin tone, and combats signs of aging, revealing your natural radiance.

3. Niacinamide: Reduces pore size, diminishes dullness, and smooths fine lines, revitalizing your skin's appearance.


Kojic acid, hydrogenated castor oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, carbopol, glycerine, sorbitol, aqua, sodium gluconate, mixed tocopherol, geogard ultra.


Take a small amount of gel and dab it gently around the eye in circular motions. Apply before bedtime or twice daily for best results. Do not apply directly to the under-eye area.

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