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Hydrating Facial Mist

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This versatile hydrating facial mist hydrates your skin leaving you with a natural glow!

With its luxurious, vegan, and versatile formula containing rosewater, argan oil, and almond oil, this facial mist is a must-have for hydrating, rejuvenating, and nourishing your skin.

What it Does:

  • Hydrates and refreshes your skin
  • Penetrates deeply into your skin to revitalize and moisturize
  • Antibacterial, antioxidant and astringent properties allow it to soothe your skin
  • Cleans pores to strengthen and illuminate your skin cells
Key Ingredients

1. Rose Water : improves complexion , reduces acne and redness, evens out skin tone, soothes irritated skin, balances skin pH level, controls excess oil, and removes impurities from pores
2. Almond Oil : retains moisture, heals chapped and irritated skin, vitamin A reduces acne, and vitamin E keeps skin cells healthy and protects against UV radiation
3. Argan Oil : non-comedogenic oil (no clogged pores!), restores the skin’s moisture, protects skin against UV radiations, reduces acne and signs of aging, controls excessive oil while softening dry skin, and boosts collagen levels to stimulate skin renewal


Water, Rose Water, Polysorbate, Almond Oil, Rosewood Essential Oil, Argan Oil, Red Color, Fragrance, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol Ethylhexylglycerin


Spray directly on your face and neck throughout the day as needed. It can be used as a primer before applying makeup or as a setting spray on top of your makeup.

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