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Who is a

Glow Getter?

In this world of perfidious beauty standards, a Glow Getter GLOWS with inner and outer beauty. A Glow Getter is any individual that incorporates the best self-care routine in their lifestyle and encourages their surroundings to do the same. They will build their voice, appearance, and knowledge around self-care. Ensuring that positivity and beauty radiate from within at all times. This program will help you inspire other women to grow, glow and invoke self-love.

What does a Glow Getter do?

A Glow Getter will become the brand’s voice on social media platforms and in their connections. In their conversations about the brand, they will emphasize the importance of self-care and DermaNiche’s role in it. Every post on social media platforms will be considered in compensation and will be rewarded as a thank you for being a DermaNiche Glow Getter!
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What does a Glow Getter receive?

Upon selection, you will receive a DermaNiche product and an e-gift certificate to to ensure that your skin care routine with DermaNiche stays affordable!

How do you become a Glow Getter?

By simply applying. Please read thoroughly and help us with as much information about you as you can. The more information we have about you, the easier it will be for us to select you. The Glow Getter platform is your chance to adopt and enhance self care for yourself and your community.