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The complete vegan and cruelty-free skincare guide

Looking to update your seasonal skincare routine? As consumers adopt a conscious, cruelty-free lifestyle, more and more skincare brands have started embracing eco-friendly labels. 

If you’ve made the decision to go vegan, you’re not only choosing healthier and safer products for your skin but also supporting a wonderful cause. 

As vegan beauty box curators, we have hands-on experience in creating products that are natural and cruelty-free. But we understand that transitioning isn’t always easy… What is vegan skincare? What’s the difference between regular and vegan skincare? Where to buy cruelty-free products? Sit back and relax, for we’re here to answer all your questions!

What is vegan skincare?

Veganism is all about embracing a conscious, cruelty-free lifestyle where you only use products that don’t come from animals or animal by-products. The term veganism is used mainly as a diet choice but it often crosses paths with the beauty and fashion industry. Another major aspect of vegan beauty is the role of animal testing: beauty products are often tested on animals, but cruelty-free skincare steers clear of animal testing of any kind. 

And vegan skincare hasn’t just made a strong impression on our now socially aware consumers. According to dermatologist Julie Russak, “Vegan skincare ingredients are very minimal and natural. They generally nourish the skin rather than cause irritation. This would be ideal for sensitive skin types or condition-prone skin.” 

What is the difference between regular and vegan skincare?

The only difference between regular and vegan skincare is the list of ingredients used. Regular skincare refers to over-the-counter beauty products that are readily available, and may or may not contain vegan-friendly ingredients. 

In contrast, vegan skincare uses formulas that are derived from sustainable sources, without any harm to the animals we love. Choosing cruelty-free brands not only makes a positive impact on the beauty and fashion industry, but on the environment as a whole. 

Dermaniche vegan and cruelty-free skincare 

At Dermaniche, we strive to provide our customers with affordable, high quality products made with the best ingredients that nature has to offer. Our beauty products are carefully crafted with natural formulations, free from harsh chemicals and fragrances that cause skin irritation. 

In our ongoing effort to be as inclusive as possible, all our products are made with natural ingredients, are animal cruelty-free, and free of GMOs. We also have products that are vegan, halal, and kosher.


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