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How to Prevent & Repair Dry Skin in the Winter

When the humidity drops and the colder air creeps in, we come to expect dryer skin. Skin can feel flakey, cracked, rough and dehydrated. If you have dry skin, it...

When you treat your skin right, inside and out, it will look healthier too. When skin is hydrated it is less likely to show fine signs of aging.

Whether you are active outside or just live in a colder climate, dry skin is assumed for winter. But what if it wasn’t? Why does this happen to us every winter and how do I get rid of dry winter skin? Here are some easy to apply tips to prevent and heal your dry winter skin this season.

1. Find The Right Moisturizer for Dry Skin

Our skin will be first to show signs of cool winter temperatures, choosing the right moisturizer will make a big impact in preventing and repairing dry winter skin. A natural skincare moisturizer that holds in moisture and revitalizes your skin is key. Hyaluronic acid draws in and holds moisture, keeps the skin looking soft, dewy and will give that plump look.

Dry Skin Age Defying Formula Moisturizer

We recommend our Age-Defying Formula Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid and nourishing Ayurvedic herbs. Choosing a natural skincare moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid will help to lock in moisture and will not clog pores.

2. Stay Hydrated

Glass of Water with Hand

Drinking water during the winter months, will make a huge impact in how to prevent and repair dry winter skin. Aim to drink 10 cups of water a day. In the winter months it may take more of a nudge to drink water than it does in the summer. Try changing up the way you drink your water by adding fresh lemon or fruit to your water, drinking out of a larger water bottle or carrying a reusable water bottle with you throughout your day.

3. Add an Oil

Your skin in the summer produces more oil and your skin feels more glowing and dewy. In the winter months your skin craves moisture and could use an extra dewy boost.  Introducing a natural skincare oil to your routine will help to prevent and repair dry winter skin.

Dry Skin Saffron oil dispensed on hands

We recommend our Saffron Facial Beauty Oil to nourish, moisturize and hydrate the skin while maintaining a youthful glow. This natural skincare oil is alcohol-free which makes it perfect for all seasons, including the harsh winter weather. A natural skincare oil is so nurturing to the skin and will fight off free radical damage to help maintain a youthful glow.

4. Humidify your Space

With the heat on high in the winter and the windows closed, it can feel so dry. Add in moisture to your space with a humidifier. Put a humidifier in the room that you spend the most time, for most people that space is the bedroom. When the air has moisture, it will help the skin feel more hydrated and will help to prevent and repair dry winter skin.

humidifier up close

5. Mist in Hydration to Help Dry Skin

rose water facial mist for dry skin

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Introduce a natural skincare facial mist into your routine for hydration. They feel nice and dewy on the skin and can be used as a quick moisture boost or as a primer or make-up setting spray after application. We recommend our Rose Water Facial Mist to refresh dull, tired and dehydrated skin. Using a natural skincare facial mist is useful for very sensitive, dry skin, on the go hydration or skin in colder climates.

6. Take Cooler and Shorter Showers

Shorten your shower times and cool down the water temperature. This will help to prevent and repair dry winter skin. The hotter the water the more oils are taken out of the skin. When coming in from the cold of winter, nothing feels better than a hot shower. Taking long hot showers can leave the skin feeling dehydrated and can lead to sensitive and very dry skin. Opt for lukewarm water and less time.

shower head with water

7. Adding New Layers will Nourish Dry Skin

Introduce new products that may not be included in normal routine. Make adjustments to your natural skincare routine for the winter season by adding in new layers. Adding a moisture-rich under eye serum can help to eliminate dryness, the appearance of fine lines, circles and shadows.

We recommend using our All-in-One Under-Eye Gel to hydrate and boost collagen while moisturizing your skin. This under-eye product is full of natural ingredients, antioxidants and vitamins A, C, B3, and E. All of which are proven to help prevent signs of aging. Making new additions to your natural skincare routine can prevent and repair dry winter skin.


8. Moisturize 2 Times a Day

a lady with dry skin applying moisturizer on her face

Make a practice of moisturizing your skin 2 times a day, in the morning and evening. It is best to moisturize after a shower it will help to soak in the moisture and keep your skin feeling soft. Choose gentler shower gels and opt for thicker body moisturizers like balms and body butters.

9. Supplements for Dry Skin

Making sure you have enough vitamins and supplements will help the feel and appearance of your skin and give you a glowing youthful look. Some must-have skincare vitamins are vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin E, collagen, zinc and trans-resveratrol. Essential vitamins for the skin can be found in natural skincare products and in supplements. We recommend our Resveratrol that contains both zinc and trans-resveratrol. This supplement helps in cell regeneration, to maintain healthy youthful skin and protect against harmful UV damage.

Using natural skincare products with these helpful vitamins or taking these supplements could prevent and repair dry winter skin.

Resveratrol Supplement for dry skin

10. Update your Nighttime Routine for Dry Skin

Changing up your regime is a nice self-care practice that feels good and is so beneficial to the skin. Take your time at night to enjoy a new pampering night time routine. Amping up the extra moisturizer at night, before bed will help to protect against dry winter skin can leave your skin feeling ready for the day by the morning.

nighttime routine for dry skin


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