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Dark Circles Versus Puffy Eyes: Understanding The Difference

When you count skin concerns that bother you, dark circles are most likely on the list. There are a variety of stressors and lifestyle choices that cause dark under-eye circles,...

When you say you have an under-eye skin concern, is it dark circles or puffy eyes? Before looking for remedies to treat the issue, it is best to know the issue so you may include the right products in your skincare regime. 

Premium products like our saffron oil for dark circles restore wrinkle-free under-eye skin while diminishing puffiness. 

Coming back, as we mentioned, the first step to eliminating any skin concern is knowing what it is. Let’s understand dark circles versus puffy eyes.

Dark Circles 

Skin tone and genetics also have a role to play. Your under-eye skin may look bluish or purple because your skin is translucent and too thin, making the underlying veins visible. If you are fair-skinned, the color can be more obvious. 

Inadequate sleep also adds to the problem. It causes fluid build-up in the area. So, when you do not get a good night’s sleep and wake up tired, your dark circles look prominent.

People with darker skin tones may have darkened under-eye skin because extra pigment may be produced by their body in the area around the eyes.

Another factor is the prominence of your tear trough. Fat loss around the area is common with age, resulting in a sunken tear trough. That causes shadowing, enhancing the appearance of dark circles. 

To lighten and reduce dark circles, adopt a skincare regime that includes a product loaded with antioxidants and facial oils that deeply nourish and have anti-aging properties, like our vegan saffron oil for dark circles. 

Puffy Eyes

Temporary swelling in the under-eye area leads to puffy eyes. Seasonal allergies are often responsible for swelling and puffiness. 

Excessive alcohol consumption and having too much salty food also induce puffiness as both cause dehydration, which leads your body to retain water. The result? Swelling of the face. 

Lack of sleep exacerbates the puffiness. This is due to fluid accumulation around the eye area. The issue resolves as the fluid drains from the area. So, now you know why sometimes you wake up with puffy eyes in the morning, and the puffiness vanishes after a few hours. 

Prioritize good sleep to diminish the puffiness. Keep yourself hydrated to ensure the movement of fluids through the veins. When you apply a skincare product around the eye area, use a face roller ball to gently massage – this helps in the distribution of lymphatic fluid. 

The anti-inflammatory and anti-aging Saffron Facial Beauty Oil also works wonderfully to minimize puffiness.

Bottom Line 

That was eye-opening!

The right skincare routine with premium products remedies different skin concerns, including dark circles and puffy eyes. Apart from that, make it a point to get seven to eight hours of peaceful sleep every night to rest your eyes (body and mind, too).   


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